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Focus Week

Focus on your most important work. Nothing else.



Next: Summer 2018

Two participation options: (1) In Person or (2) Virtually

Why Attend? 

Because you're far underperforming your potential. Because this time last year you thought you'd be much further along than you are now. Because you're wasting tons of your time and energy. Because you deserve the opportunity to truly focus on what matters. 

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Get shit Done

Get a massive amount of your most important work done. Work that will dramatically change your life. 

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Radical Focus

Train yourself to be radically focused. It's a skill and you need to regularly practice to be successful at it.

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Have fun

Work hard, play...however best helps you recover. We'll organize group trips to Napa wineries, play board games, etc.  


What actually happens during Focus Week?

People prototype new products. They end failed projects. They apply to jobs. They write life plans. They automate their investments. They buy a lot of productivity tools. They experiment with nootropics. They get to inbox zero. They meditate. They lose weight. They receive coaching. They coach others. They have life-altering conversations. They meet new friends and allies. They have fun! 

What's a day like?

See the general schedule of each day. You adjust as you see fit. For those attending the full two weeks, we'll do a 3 days of focus / 1 day of fun cycle.

How effective is Focus Week?

Anecdotally, people say it's enormously effective and one of the most productive times of their lives. But there isn't fantastic research on it yet. See our pilot study. We've run 50+ mostly shorter versions across 9 cities. We've also run much larger events, including EA Global 2015, Spark Weekend SF, Spark Weekend DC, etc.

Who's in charge? 

You are. You choose what you do each day. The program design, other attendees, and facilitators help you do it.


American Canyon, CA 94503

We'll be staying and working in a beautiful 4-bedroom house in a quiet neighborhood in Napa Valley. We can arrange rides to the venue if needed. If you are attending virtually, you'll videochat in every day. 


Base fee: Daily rate for room, simple food, snacks, drinks, supplements, access to productivity tools, 1-on-1 coaching, and facilitation fees. Lower daily rate for virtual attendees. (Fee depends on session.)

Incentive fee: Put $100-$1K in escrow upon start. Earn 100% back if you feel you hit your goals. We'll work hard to ensure you get it all back.

Note: This is relatively DIY, so it's priced well under market rate. If it's still prohibitive, let us know and we'll work something out.



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James norris

James is a social entrepreneur and behavior designer focused on behavior change innovations. He is founder and CEO of Self Spark, a global platform for science-based lifehacking events. He previously co-built 21 other organizations and was a triple major/quadruple minor at The University of Texas at Austin.



By focusing on your most important work, you'll encourage the other participants to do the same. Your successes become their successes, and vice versa. 


Balaji is a staunch believer in the transformational nature of technology. He is an active participant in Quantified Self, Futurists & other tech groups. He founded Nudg labs, a company that takes a design centric approach in applying technology in service of business and personal transformation. He is engaged as an investor in number of start-ups in the areas of augmented reality and e-commerce.


Graduated from UC San Diego’s Muir College in 1997. After graduation, joined Montgomery Securities as an Investment Banking analyst in their Mergers & Acquisitions department, worked as a recruiter for the financial services industry in Hong Kong, and served as a Competitive Intelligence/Market Research consultant in Silicon Valley and now co-founder of Citizen Medic.

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